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How to play for Bloodhound in Apex Legends and become the best predator


Bloodhound - a hunting dog, registered by the International Cynological Federation as a Belgian breed, however, the modern bloodhound appeared thanks to the art of English dog handlers. This is a very old breed. It was already bred by the ancient Greeks. From there, these dogs went to Rome and further west. It can be assumed that there were two types of bloodhounds: black and white. In the VIII century. AD, both fell under the protection of the monks of San Hubert (St. Hubert), who maintained their purity for several centuries. As a result of breeding and crossbreeding with other breeds, a large number of beagle dog breeds arose: English, French, Swiss. All of them were more or less distinguished by “guberoid” symptoms, that is, excess skin and long hanging ears.

At the beginning of the XVII century. the bloodhound in England was already similar to the modern one, it was used exclusively for hunting, most often deer, wolf, lynx. These dogs were very slow, but had a keen sense of intimacy and great perseverance in the pursuit of the beast. Bloodhound came to America immediately after its development by Europeans, where it was used to search for slaves who ran away from plantations. There were times when the Bloodhound pursued them over 100 km.

At present, the bloodhound is widespread throughout the world, it is in Russia, but mainly as a domestic and exhibition dog. However, there have been repeated attempts to use the bloodhound on the hunt.

This is a heavy large dog (height at the withers of males 63.5 - 68.5 cm, weight up to 50 kg, females 58.5 - 63.5 cm, weight 37 kg), rather phlegmatic, good-natured, peaceful and loyal. Bloodhound is noble and majestic, with a serious wise look, but his movements are sweeping and free. The head is heavy, long, not wide, slightly tapering from the temples to the long muzzle. The cranial part is convex, with a strongly developed occipital protuberance. A distinctive feature of the head of the bloodhound is excess skin: the skin falls off the head with deep folds, especially on the forehead and on the sides of the muzzle. Lips are long, saggy, forming deep drooping brylls, merging with free folds on the neck and turning into a suspension. Bloodhound ears are very long, longer than the muzzle, set very low and hang in light folds. The skin on the ears is very thin, covered with short, soft and silky hair. The neck is long, muscular, allowing the dog to easily keep its nose on the track without stopping. The limbs are straight, bony, muscular, widely spaced in the stance. The tail (gon) is long and thick, tapering towards the end, set high, covered with a somewhat long awn from below. The dog holds it saber, just above the line of the back. The coat is short, dense, stiff, the color is monochrome - red-brown or black-brown (with a dark shabra on a red-brown background), the shabra can also be badger. Very small white marks on the chest, fingertips and tail are allowed.

With an unusually sharp sense, Bloodhound is very persistent in his search, but he does not kill the driven beast. He has a very powerful sonorous voice, but the search is slow, so often a pack of faster hounds is thrown on the track taken by the bloodhound. However, some hunters in the USA (New England) have successfully used this hound when hunting foxes. The fox is not very afraid of her slow pursuer, does not run far from him, and it can be easier to get. The modern bloodhound is used to track down wounded animals. The wonderful flair of this hound made it possible to expand the scope of its application: these dogs are used by the police to search for criminals, many dogs saved lost children, with their help they search for lost sheep. The kindness and peacefulness of this dog allows you to use it in all these cases, since it does not touch anyone. But recently, bloodhounds are more often kept as pets and original show dogs.

L.Gibert, expert-canine dog of the All-Russian category

Books about the breed:
Bloodhound. Katherine F. Bree And Lena F. Reed (2000)
This book is dedicated to the bloodhound - the hound with a surprisingly thin flair, working both in vain and on the upper flair. From this book, the reader learns about the history of the origin, formation and restoration of the breed, about the leading nurseries, about training and training of the bloodhounds, as well as about their participation in exhibitions, search and search and rescue operations, in obedience testing and tracing studies, and much more , no less interesting and informative.

Techno Explorer

Bloodhound is known in the Outer Lands as one of the greatest hunters on the entire Frontier - and this is the only thing that is known for sure about it. Who it really is is a mystery filled with rumors: whether it is a fabulous rich man, or a bloodthirsty killer, or a Goliath spellcaster, or maybe a former slave or a half-bat - there are many theories, and the versions vary depending on the narrator.

The only thing known about Bloodhound is that it is a formidable rival to be reckoned with at the Apex Games. The unrivaled skills of Bloodhound Ranger will give an advantage to any team. With their help, you can find hidden rivals and track the movements of the enemy. Calling on the Ancient earthly gods of the North, Bloodhound believes that fate is already the destined path that invariably leads to death. But with this knowledge comes strength, for Bloodhound knows: until the fateful day has arrived, it cannot be stopped.

Role in the squad

Contrary to the game description, the task of Bloodhound is not only to scout the surroundings, but also to effectively storm enemy positions. It can destroy enemies by going from the most unexpected directions and even if the enemies run away, you will see their tracks and can track down.

Bloodhound is especially dangerous because all its abilities are used in battle, and they are very well consistent with the skills of Bangalore (smoke screen) and Caustic (gas trap), because you can see enemies despite the smoke.

The passive “ranger” perk displays a wide variety of information about enemies (track, wound, death, bullet cases, opening the door), which can be reported to the allies, as well as the time when this happened (within a minute). Almost immediately, you can understand the picture of what happened and go on the trail.

The active ability of the “Eye of the All-Father” scans the surrounding space in a large radius through walls, other objects and displays information on the monitor of the closest allies. If at the time of scanning someone was in the area, then his profile will be displayed in the visor. Information is relevant only at the time of scanning, so the profile will be in a "frozen" form.

The scanner also displays Caustic traps and abandoned grenades. This is a great way to check the space around the unit, but keep in mind - enemies will see the orange energy wave of your scanner when you turn it on.

The “Brutal Hunter” speculation takes a second or two to activate and takes a long time to charge - use the “special accelerator” to intensify the process - but it is incredibly powerful. Bloodhound turns into a real “predator”, a killing machine, and the surrounding area becomes black and white, with red profiles of characters around it.

The “Brutal Hunter” also increases Bloodhound’s speed, allowing you to approach opponents much faster and attack them in close combat. Be accurate in shooting and make no mistake when moving - the ability lasts only 35 seconds.

Since Bloodhound is the only one in your squad that has all the information, he needs to communicate by voice chat and put marks on the tracks to indicate the path, not forgetting directly about the gameplay.

Using all the information will give the team an advantage over the enemy squad, and in some cases - catch them by surprise and come to a victory.

Game tips

Bloodhound offers to try out a specific style that requires constant tracking and aggressively attacking enemies, at the same time not substituting and being with the team, because only when playing a team it becomes as strong as possible. No matter how difficult the above sounds, Bloodhound is quite easy to manage, so everyone should try it.

Keep in mind that Bloodhound’s abilities work in a relatively small radius, so immediately after landing, look for one shotgun and one rapid-fire assault rifle, or two shotguns - an automatic EVA-8 and a more powerful Peacemaker, which can replace a machine gun in range.

Using sniper rifles is irrational, because the Eye of the All-Father and the Brutal Hunter are practically useless in sniper dueling or just when shooting from afar. Accordingly, it’s better for you to move through houses and canyons, and not to run in the wilderness in plain sight.

Perk “the ranger” has an intellectual color scheme: if the hint is red, probably someone is nearby. It is useful if you landed in the same place as other teams. Sometimes there are so many tracks that it is better to immediately run where your eyes look.

In all game situations, evaluate the actions of the enemy - what he interacted with, where he shot, where he went, and also look at the environment (doors, containers, cables) and share what you learned with your team. This can save the squad from ambush.

Use the “eye of the Father” to get an idea of ​​the place you came to. Use it constantly when moving, good, the ability rollback takes 20 seconds. But if there are too many enemies and you are trying to stealthily leave, then it is better to listen to the stamping and do not use this ability - its activation will lead to unmasking!

If you were taken by surprise - do not panic. A smart team using Bloodhound can change the outcome of almost any battle, especially when paired with suitable characters, for example, Bangalore, which will release a smoke screen and worsen the field of view of opponents.

The “brutal hunter” will also help you with this, although in a normal situation it must be turned on before the attack, since activation takes a couple of seconds. Please note that after its activation, you will not become invulnerable and will not receive additional health / armor, so do not try to parody Rambo and stupidly run to your enemies.

Shoot accurately and accurately - the enemies will be highlighted in red, so you can see them through smoke and other abilities that block the field of view. There is another caveat - the “brutal hunter” will not allow you to see through the walls, so be careful in tight corridors and shacks, so as not to run into an ambush.

During the action of this ability, you can see all the last steps and actions of opponents, so if someone ran away from you, it will be easy to track down.

Consider the increased speed of movement to enter the enemy on the flank or even the rear and shoot them from the back. The ability is useful in situations where your teammates are squeezed or they must urgently retreat - just break into the ranks of opponents and bring chaos for a couple of seconds, then run yourself.

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Description and Features

Bloodhound dog one of the largest hounds. Its main feature is excellent flair. She is able to smell game even for several kilometers. Hunting people know that there are practically no equal to such a dog.

This talent of the dog could not help but appreciate the police. In America and some European countries, it is regularly exploited while catching dangerous armed criminals, searching for narcotic drugs, as well as missing people.

Many successful cases of the capture by bloodhound of prisoners who escaped from prison are known. The dog does not seek to injure a person, his main task is to help the owner neutralize the fugitive.

The second feature of the representative of the breed is voiced barking. He rarely gives voice, but always spectacularly. When chasing prey, it may make a warning sound. During the run, he is focused, stares intently at the desired object or sniffs it out if it is not in sight.

If a dog seeks game, it remains vigilant. Runs along the desired track in any terrain. But, if her goal is a person, she tries to “reach” the desired smell as quickly as possible and slowly, but confidently, go to the goal. By the way, this animal cannot boast of agility and quickness. It acts slowly, but vigilance never loses.

Interesting! In the UK, bloodhounds are used for fox hunting. The red beast is not at all afraid of the slow and not at all terrible racing dog, and therefore does not even think of hiding from it.

In a number of European countries, for example, in Sweden, representatives of this breed are used as search engines. But, it is about finding animals, not people. Often, for various reasons, domestic animals are lost, so it was thought up to exploit dogs with an excellent scent for their search.

They can easily track down rats, cats, decorative dogs, and even sheep. It is enough to give them a sniff of the object that the live loss was in contact with. Such animals have another distinguishing feature - absolute kindness.

They are completely devoid of aggression, never angry. Of the negative emotions that they can experience - chagrin, resentment, sadness. This hound dog will never growl at a person, will not cause him physical harm, but can hold a grudge for a long time and move away.

Breed standard

The appearance of the beast is bright and unusual, so many directors often offer its owners to sign a contract for shooting in an advertisement or a movie. External specifics breed bloodhound - an unusual head. It is located horizontally on the ground, large, with skin folds on the forehead.

Huge ears hang around the edges. They are quite thin, reach the neck. When the dog tilts its head, its skin frontal folds sag a little. They are also available in the neck area. By the way, in females this feature is less pronounced.

The dog’s bite is good, straight. Cheeks are thick, not tightly pressed to the teeth. Hang down, but do not salivate. The animal has a very powerful jaw. The teeth are snow-white. Experts advise periodically cleaning their dog so that plaque or stone does not destroy the enamel.

As for the nose, the dog is large, has a brown or black color. Bloodhound in the photo looks tired and lifeless. This is due to the presence of a large skin fold in the area of ​​his eyes. She looks like a large, thick eyebrow, making her eyes stern and suspicious.

The dog’s eyes are not hollow or bulging. Behind a fold of skin you can see them well. They do not tear, but can turn red. Almost all hound breeds have a large elongated neck, and the bloodhound is no exception. She is wide and muscular. The dog often twirls it when looking for prey.

On the oblong back, the lumbar region is clearly visible. The broad chest looks good against the background of a muscular neck. The saber tail is high set. The legs are strong, muscular, and the elbow joint is well defined on them.

Another feature of such a dog is elastic skin. It is soft, gathers on the head and back. According to the standard, large skin folds at the bloodhound should be on the neck, forehead and front of the back.

The standardized breed type is single. The normal weight of the dog is 45-53 kg, height - 65-74cm. Males are massive and larger than bitches. Deviation from these values ​​for a purebred representative of the breed is unacceptable.

2 types of dog color are standardized:

  • Purely red. At the same time, the front of the case should be darker than the back.
  • Black and red. The central part of the back and peritoneum have a dark shade, and all other bodily areas are light red.

According to the standard, there may be white spots on the body of the bloodhound, but they should not stand out too much. The presence of a large number of white spots is unacceptable.


We said above that such a dog is not at all evil, but vice versa. He is kind, intelligent and very sensual. Many will say that his appearance is repulsive. It’s hard to disagree. The dog’s look is really too suspicious and provocative, however, this is due solely to the features of its exterior, and more precisely, with thick elastic skin on its head.

Bloodhound itself is very good-natured. His love for households is difficult to describe in words. Once a dog loves a person, he will never leave him. The representative of this breed is characterized by monogamy. The owner is chosen 1 time. Having survived the betrayal of a loved one, the dog becomes unhappy.

Interesting! There are known cases of starvation of bloodhounds, which the previous owners refused. An animal that has previously encountered human malice is having difficulty learning to re-trust people. It is strongly attached to them and needs a respectful and caring attitude.

The dog loves to play with children. She will allow them any prank, even tugging at her long ears. When the baby hurts her, he gently stops him with his paw, but under no circumstances does he bite him.

Parents of babies can leave them alone with a wrinkled dog, but they must be ready for protection. Who will have to be protected, you ask? Of course an animal! Sometimes children are so flirting with the good healthy man that they hurt him, and he humbly endures it.

Tip! If you live with a bloodhound and a small child, then teach them how to interact without harming each other. For example, if you notice that the baby offends the dog, scold him.

Among representatives of this breed shy ones sometimes come across. Such dogs are not suitable for guests, they are waiting for an invitation, do not seek to run ahead of the owner and never indulge. It would seem that this is bad?

In fact, this is the behavior of only a self-doubt dog, which is afraid of something. If you notice this line of behavior in your pet, then try to spend more time with him so that he becomes bolder. Such dogs rarely come into conflict with anyone. They prefer to avoid quarrels, moving away from the irritated object. But sometimes they still express annoyance.

As a watchman, bloodhound is ineffective. He will probably begin to shun people who have come to the house than to attack them. This is due to the lack of natural malice and the desire to build relationships with every living creature.

The hounds of dogs have a specific character trait - unlimited interest in the world. They are mobile and always strive to explore new places, gain unique experience, run in different places, etc. Due to excessive curiosity, they can get lost.

Care and maintenance

Living with a friendly dog ​​is full of happiness and adventure. Such an animal is unpretentious in terms of maintenance and care. It does not require frequent trips to the doctor, haircuts and the use of special care tools, such as tweezers.

The owner of such a pet should have a wide massage brush for shorthair animals. It is advisable to use it at least once a week. The procedure will allow the dog to get rid of old unnecessary hair and start the process of updating it.

The unpleasant smell from the bloodhound almost never emanates. For this reason, his frequent bathing is not necessary. However, doctors insist on hygiene procedures for dogs with shampoo at least 1 time per year.

So that the beast does not catch a cold, it is better to wash it in the summer. After the water procedure, the dog needs to be wiped with a hard towel, you can use a nap. Thanks to such manipulations, he will always have a well-groomed pleasant appearance.

Since this animal has large long ears, they will often have to be cleaned. Use cotton swabs and discs for this. Do not rub the delicate ear skin strongly, otherwise you will damage it. The eyes of the beagle dogs are prone to redness, so they should be wiped with tea leaves at least once every 3-5 days. It will also be useful for your pet to wash.

About the claws. If you keep a dog in an apartment, then he practically does not grind them. In this case, he will need the help of a person. Cut the claws of the animal when it is sleepy. At the same time, be sure to hold his foot so as not to hurt.

By the way, the housing of a hound dog is problematic. She needs frequent and long walking, at least 3 times a day for at least 40 minutes. During this time, the animal will collect the information necessary for itself with the help of a scent, bask in the sun and breathe in fresh air.

Important! Going out with a dog for a walk is necessary not only if he has a natural physiological need! Go out with him for a joint holiday and get new experiences.


Let's start with the main thing. A sharp change in diet is detrimental to the gastrointestinal tract of the bloodhound. If you previously gave the dog food from your table, and then decided to transfer it to dry food, do it gradually. For example, place a dry product in a bowl with porridge a little, increasing its portion each time.

The stomach is the vulnerable organ of such a dog. Therefore, it is important to feed her properly. Dry food is ideal for an adult racing dog. It includes a complex of nutrients, vitamins, for example, A, B, C, trace elements, etc. Daily assimilation of these microcomponents is a necessity for a healthy dog.

Diet basis bloodhound puppy - raw lean meat. It contains amino acids, proteins and fats, which are necessary for the gradual development of muscles and skeleton. In addition to meat, such a dog should be given boiled chicken eggs, soups, low-fat milk, cottage cheese, cereals and fruits with vegetables.

Foods rich in iodine are fish and seaweed. If you decide to treat your pet to this, do not overdo it. The body of a young dog can not absorb a large amount of iodine in 1 meal.

The maximum amount of fish for him is 200 grams per day. Be sure to change the water in his bowl every day, especially if the dog lives outdoors in an aviary. He drinks a lot, as he constantly moves.

Reproduction and longevity

Good nature is the main character trait of this dog. But even she can be intolerant. Usually, bloodhounds are angry with their own kind when they behave too intrusively. Yes, a bitch can push a dog away during a meeting.

Therefore, the breeder should know that dogs should be knitted in the warm season, preferably in late spring, when her interest in breeding is highest. Pedigree dogs must be selected before the breeder happens. Standard requirements for candidates:

  1. Full compliance with the standard.
  2. The absence of malice.
  3. Voiced loud barking.
  4. Moderate activity.
  5. The manifestation of sexual interest.
  6. Perfect health.
  7. The minimum age for mating is 2 years.

If conception has occurred, then after 3 weeks you can see rounding on the peritoneum of the female. Offspring hatches her from 67 to 72 days. An aristocratic hunter lives from 10 to 12 years.

Such a pet will cost you a tidy sum. Yes, in Russia there is a low demand for it, but local breeders sell puppies of noble hounds for a lot of money. Minimum bloodhound price in 2019 - 50 thousand rubles.

Individuals for breeding are more expensive, from 60 thousand rubles. The minimum cost of show class puppies is 80 thousand rubles. When choosing a dog, evaluate how it meets the standard. Also, do not ignore the issue of her health.

Parenting and training

Most hunting hounds are smart and inquisitive. However, teaching them obedience is often difficult. Bloodhounds are rational, but rather stubborn creatures that need successful socialization.

It is important to immediately let the dog know that she cannot claim to be a leader. Its owner should be a consistent and morally stable person with leadership inclinations. The dog will never be respected by the weak spirit of the owner.

It is important to organize interesting trainings for the animal so that it does not get bored. To do this, use something to encourage: scratching behind the ear, bright toys, patting the withers.

When should you raise an animal? From the first days of meeting him! Help him socialize. To do this, be present while sniffing all objects that are in the dog’s field of vision, stroking her when you meet other pets, speak to her gently but confidently.

This wonderful animal loves to run, swim in a pond, explore new territories with the help of a scent and get acquainted with different creatures. Bloodhound requires serious workloads for successful development.

But, you can’t immediately accustom them to the kid-racer. It is advisable to start regularly training it in 9-10 months. The puppy's body should gradually get used to physical activity. But you need to train him in classic teams early, no later than 3 months.

Remember! Regular training with a thoroughbred dog is a guarantee of his obedience.

To learn a dog for a team, you should follow a few rules:

  • The animal should be calm, not excited.
  • The tone of the person speaking to him is confident and persistent, but not rude.
  • Physical contact during training is allowed only for approval, for example, you can pat the dog on the head, encouraging him.
  • Do not reward the dog if she does not obey. So you reinforce her bad behavior.
  • Prevent any attempts by your pet to dominate.

If the dog does not want to learn in any way, but seeks to play and indulge, we recommend that you deprive it of attention. Never punish a pet physically! They will remember this and not forgive. Bloodhound is a balanced dog with aristocratic manners.

One of the basic advantages of this breed is the lack of need for obedience training. This is a calm dog that is prone to trust. But, even he can indulge, especially if his master ignores bad behavior. In order for your pet to adapt well to life with you, execute commands and obey all household members, he should be properly educated and start training as early as possible.

Possible diseases and methods for their treatment

Such dogs are often diagnosed with gastric pathologies, such as pancreatitis or gastritis. They are provoked by malnutrition. To reduce the risk of gastric dysfunction in your pet, give him only dry food. But, periodically treat with vegetables and fruits, for example, tomatoes and bananas.

Even bloodhounds are prone to dysplasia of the hip or elbow joint. They should be treated in a veterinary clinic. If your dog is weak, inactive and malnourished, he is probably sick. Be sure to show it to your doctor. Perhaps he became so because of parasites, then it will be enough to give him the appropriate medicine. We do not recommend administering it to the animal on its own.