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Aquarius (from January 21 to February 20)


Aquarius of the first decade - features of the zodiac sign

Aquarius of the first decade likes classes that develop flexibility and grace of movements (dancing, aerobics, gymnastics). Outstanding athletes and honored coaches are made of them.

They have good hearing, a sense of rhythm, so success in the music field is possible. The taste in choosing colors, the ability to choose accessories and fabrics make Aquarius of the first decade wonderful tailors, designers and stylists.

A sense of beauty is a must for all representatives of this sign. Aquarius of the first decade will never allow itself to leave the house in worn jeans and a strict jacket on a naked body: to look like a model from the cover of the magazine is the motto of Vodoleev.

From the Aquarius of the second and third decades, representatives of the first decade are distinguished by a strong will and excessive self-confidence in actions, bordering on selfishness and stubbornness. These traits sometimes prevent them from finding a common language with others and can lead them to difficulties in communicating with people.

The Aquarius of the first decade is especially strongly developed a sense of freedom, unwillingness to recognize their dependence on others.

For this reason, they often do not find themselves a suitable partner for family life, or throughout their lives they are looking for a person who could provide them with relative freedom of action and would not bother with boring questions. In a word, they behave irresponsibly in relation to marriage and quite often remain proudly lonely at the end of their lives.

Being a wife of Aquarius of the first decade is not an easy task. Firstly, he is very jealous of cleanliness and can be mortally offended if his wife appears before him in a dirty robe and curlers, regarding this as disrespect.

Aquarius of the first decade - the stage of life up to 25 years

Aquarians of the first decade in childhood are quite calm, do not require special attention from their parents, and from an early age they become accustomed to independence.

In addition, these children early become interested in many adult things and inherit a wide range of interests of relatives and acquaintances of adults. In general, Aquarius of the first decade in childhood is unique. They think differently than ordinary children, their heads full of unusual ideas.

Aquarius of the first decade is characterized by early development, they are generously endowed with talents and actively learn knowledge in almost all school subjects. They are smart, energetic, striving to learn as much as possible, therefore they easily study at school, pass exams well and are able to enter several higher educational institutions at once.

In relations with his peers, Aquarius of the first decade is a good friend and friend, he will never refuse to help classmates, he will always let him write off his homework. A distinctive feature of Aquarius born in the first decade is the inability to say no, and classmates often use it.

Aquarius of the first decade at school is very prudent, he will never go on about the hooligans, will not break glass, fight, conspire against classmates and teachers, he will rather do everything to dissuade his friends from such rash acts. Therefore, the parents of young Aquarius often have reason to be proud of their child.

Aquarius, who celebrate their birthday in the first decade of the zodiac cycle, really have a lot of friends, they make new acquaintances quite easily.

They can easily make friends with both the university rector and the local drunkard. Aquarius will never leave a friend in trouble, able to sacrifice everything for friendship, while her experience is not at all important.

He will gladly give the last shirt to the man whom he considers his friend. To his ex-lover or wife, he can say: “Let's stay friends, eh?” He does not dissemble, he really wants it.

As they grow older, the Aquarius of the first decade becomes ingenious to genius and turns into born humanists and altruists, they put cultural values ​​in the first place.

These features make Aquarius able to participate in various areas of human activity related to public life. They often become prominent public figures and achieve fame and honor in politics and jurisprudence.

Aquarius of the first decade - the stage of life from 25 to 35 years

Secondly, Aquarius is very jealous, he trusts his half, but if at least once she gives him a reason for jealousy, it will last a lifetime. Aquarians usually marry between the ages of 25-30.

Even if family life does not work out in the best way, the representative of this sign will never become the initiator of a divorce or an insidious traitor.

He will try not to pay attention to the minor flaws of his life partner, and even if he is wrong in a big way, he can always count on the forgiveness of Aquarius, which will certainly give the offender a second chance.

Many of the Aquarius of the first decade, due to their ability to sacrifice themselves, often become officially recognized heroes. The curious nature of Aquarius gravitates to everything strange and unusual, so their projects attract everyone's attention and allow you to achieve high peaks in various fields related to art, as well as technology, medicine, biology.

Aquarius of the first decade - the stage of life from 35 to 50 years

Aquarians born in the first decade, do not like to devote someone to their financial affairs, as well as demonstrate their financial well-being. Thanks to their talents in various fields of activity, Aquarius very early become financially independent, they are able to earn money for a comfortable life both by intellectual and physical labor.

Aquarians of the first decade are persistent, zealous, very responsible in their work, which contributes to their success and career advancement.

In general, Aquarius’s attitude to money is quite peculiar, they like to spend money on their own, often not complying with the vital importance of purchases: they are generous and rather wasteful.

Aquarius of the first decade - the stage of life from 50 years and older

In old age, Aquarians of the first decade often become religious, begin to approach nature, become interested in various sacred sciences. Aquarians are creative natures, even in old age they do not become petty.

They can spend the entire pension on gifts to their grandchildren or to the person who is dear to them. Despite a pronounced sense of independence, Aquarius is very tender and caring towards his children until he is old.

Very often, having reached the long-awaited retirement, Aquarius sells everything - an apartment, a car, valuables - to buy his own country house. It should be noted that Aquarius - typical representatives of the sign of the air element - choose their home in the open. A densely populated suburban area or a developed village is not for them. They need freedom, they need space, air.

Character Edit

Nicknames suitable for cats born under the sign of Aquarius: Dude, Freaky, Kinki, Lincoln, Buddy, Louis and so on.

Cats born under the sign of Aquarius will not bother you with their attention. They will not constantly rub against your legs or climb onto your knees so that you stroke them again. These are the most unflappable of all cats. Despite any circumstances, they literally admire people and try to accompany their master everywhere, watching his actions. All the time, Aquarius wants to learn something new about people and share their knowledge about these strange, mysterious two-legged creatures with all their friends. Sometimes it may seem to you that your little scientist is conducting an experiment on you. Aquarius likes to puzzle you with his next invention. For example, he can put some of your things in the middle of the room, only to see how you look for them. He will observe your behavior - how you bend and straighten, your emotional reaction. It amuses him. At such moments, Aquarius may seem more sociable than he really is. Of course, he won’t sit in four walls all the time and will go in search of friends with whom to chat about something. However, he is always driven by some goal, for example, a love story or updating labels that serve as the border of the territory, that is, actions that are completely natural for cats.

Cats born under the sign of Aquarius are real explorers. They like to be in the company, and sometimes even communicate with other animals and people, and they feel most comfortable in the role of a spectator watching the events. Because of this, Aquarius is not the most successful hunter among cats. They lack practice! Meeting with any living creature gives them pleasure. They can catch a mouse and play with it. True, sometimes they kill her, but Aquarius does not take all this seriously. They are never truly passionate about hunting.

Have you ever seen how some cats, just leaving the house, ask to be let back in, or vice versa? With Aquarius, this can continue indefinitely, which is why a hinged door was invented, allowing them to independently enter the house and leave it. Most likely, the first such door was installed in the house where the Aquarius cat lived - a true connoisseur of freedom.

Somewhere deep down in every cat lies a desire to freely walk wherever she wants. Therefore, the doors that separate the space of one room from another irritate them - and much more than the cats themselves annoy their owners when they can not decide whether to leave or enter. Aquarians do not see anything good in the doorway. They would feel much more comfortable if they never closed. Then the cats would be able to sleep when and where they want, come and go of their own free will and eat when they are hungry.

Aquarius is one of the most unpredictable and amazing cats ever known to mankind. They can sit for several months on the windowsill, watching what is happening on the street and not paying attention either to you or to what is happening at home, and be absolutely happy at the same time. Further more. Once, for no reason, you will not be able to enjoy your favorite television series just because your cat decides that something much more informative is going on in another program. You will be shocked at how, having put her paws on the control panel, she will expertly start switching channels. The pinnacle of Aquarius will be that in the end you cannot take a step without his intervention. This will even apply to food. Once you decide that freshly cooked chicken with gravy is your pet's favorite treat, how its tastes will change immediately, and he will only eat cat food. No one and nothing will make you rack your brains more than Aquarius does. Aquarians get ready for bed in a very strange way. It is important for them that you arrange a comfortable berth for them: a basket, a box or something no less convenient. They will not use it every night, preferring to sleep where they feel more comfortable at some point. It can be your or guest bed, even a kitchen table. Suppose you saw that Aquarius does not use a new basket, and you remove it. After this, Aquarius will wander around the house all night, trying to understand where she has gone, and will raise everyone around to their feet. This does not mean the proprietary qualities of Aquarius, he just needs to be sure that he has his own place in the case when it comes to his mind to show himself and you that he is the most ordinary cat.

But do not believe him! This is an unusual creature. Observations of Aquarius around what is happening around and communication with neighboring cats contribute to the development of his ability to deduction. He will learn by smell to distinguish smoke from a barbecue and from burned electrical appliances. Aquarius will be the first to raise the alarm by bringing together all the surrounding cats and even some dogs, warning them of danger. He cannot indifferently look at those in distress. This cat will stand up for those who are unable to fend for itself, and will extend a paw of help to every stroller that he meets in his path, whether it be his brother, a dog or a person.

When you share a shelter with Aquarius, you can never be sure of anything to the end - sometimes it’s the most ordinary cat, sometimes it’s a very, very strange creature. One thing is for sure: if you are looking for a loyal friend who will never get bored, Aquarius is just the one you need.

Compatibility Edit

Host - Aries Great combination. When the owner needs to work or go to a party, Aquarius will not interfere with him. Despite the fact that sometimes he will not be fed on time or even left without lunch, mutual understanding reigns between him and Aries.

Host - Taurus Relations between them can be accompanied by difficulties not only at the beginning, but also for a long time. However, when Aquarius learns that it is the owner who provides him with not the worst standard of living, he will become more attentive to his needs.

Host - Gemini The owner will be completely passionate about his unusual kitten, which, in turn, will understand that he was lucky to get to the attentive owner. This is perhaps the best choice for both cheerful and cheerful creatures.

Host - Cancer Aquarius may be bored at home, but he returns there every time he feels hunger to enjoy homemade food. It will be easier for the owner to find a common language with his pet, giving him the opportunity to walk in the fresh air for an arbitrarily long time.

The master is a lion The only person that the Aquarius cat really wants to return to can be Leo. They provide each other with the freedom they both need so much. When they are together, they feel so good that it can delay their next breakup indefinitely.

Host - Virgo Life with the host Virgin may seem Aquarius too predetermined. He does not understand why he needs to return home at exactly six o'clock in the evening every day to get a portion of fresh food. Why can’t you prepare to eat just before his arrival?

Host - Libra They are made for each other. Their light and laid-back relationships do not require efforts on either side, because all events occur exactly as they expect. Over time, the affection between the cat and its owner grows into a strong friendship.

Host - Scorpio If the Aquarius cat wants to take revenge on someone, then it will be Scorpio, which directs all its irritability to its incomparably happier pet. Of course, they will not do any harm to each other, but the atmosphere in their home can become tense.

Host - Sagittarius They enjoy each other's company. Out of this mutual admiration, mutual adoration is born. No one can understand Aquarius, not to mention himself, but the Sagittarius master comes closer to this.

Host - Capricorn Their relationship is built on the contrast of love and hate. If the owner speaks the same language with his cat, disputes will constantly arise between them, alternating with periods of mutual understanding. However, they cannot imagine themselves without each other. This is true love.

Host - Aquarius Do not be surprised if you see the owner rushing into the attack, like a cat, and next to it is an extravagant pet who imagines himself to be a man and is puzzled by the strange behavior of the owner. Behind the closed doors of the house where Aquarius lives, many amazing things are happening.

Host - Pisces The owner and his cat are very different from each other, and although it may seem that communication brings them only torment, it is they who make them happy. They understand without words what their partner wants or needs.


There are weak and strong Aquarius. In general, this is a combination of an angel and a devil. They hate theatricality, do not want to produce an effect, do not want impressiveness, but do not mind shocking. They want to do pleasant things, but mostly to themselves. Aliens of conventions in relation to themselves, but old-fashioned in family affairs. They do not want to be like anyone, but they want everyone to love them, they want to be free from the severity of the material world, but they strive for power, position, prestige.
Curious, they are attracted to everything new until they get bored, until they comprehend the whole truth. They rarely rush into anything. They are contemplators of life, but they can also be generous in soul. In Aquarius, there may be something subtle, gentle, smooth. They fluctuate between instinct and reason. They can be almost alien to their own emotions.
Many are religious, mystical, understand nature, vegetarians are full of good intentions for everyone, they do not know hatred. Their courtesy is simplicity, some are gullible, sometimes too much. Unobtrusive, a little naive, they lack a feeling of remorse, guilt, others, on the contrary, restrain their sensitivity, don’t open their feelings, secluded on each slip, focus their intuition on the future, achieve their highest goals. They want to be not only equal, but also higher, they oppose, if they are told what to do or restrain, they can become jealous, unfriendly, insensitive, imprudent, putting forward the slogan: "do as I say, not as I do."
The taste for clothes is diverse, contradictory. Women prefer originality over everything. Some can create a seductive effect in the absence of jewelry and jewelry through a delicate selection of colors. Some bring originality to extravagance and eccentricity, they are looking for something rare, unique, up to a shocking and even scandalous, there are also trendy ones.


There is no early passion for career or ambition. They bring a human touch to everything they do. A profession can occupy a significant place in life. They can be highly conscious, disciplined, responsible. They keep their word, do what is required of them.
They have a great sense of collectivism, are good at community service. They are unenvious and indiscreet, they are always ready to accept the point of view of another, a good disposition and excellent relationships with higher ones. Often they are given an unexpected boost. They know how to give orders, how to explain what should be done, no one can better introduce them to the beginner in the course of work.
They find a way in which they can realize their own ideas, although quantity sometimes suffers from quality.
The best field of application is the field of art, everything related to cinema, radio, television, pedagogy, education, invention, work as a stewardess, spiritual mentoring, sociology, psychology, social work, law, aeronautics, engineering.
They are rarely interested in money. Some neglect money for stupidity. Most of the famous Aquarius died in deep poverty. Making money is not one of the goals, they rarely want luxury, they prefer simplicity, even moderation, which keeps them from "obesity" - physical, mental and moral.
These are the worst owners, they hate checking accounts. They will be better off spending than accumulating.
But there are others, controlled by Uranus, Aquarius, leading a persistent strange life, sometimes martyrdom, which may seem romantic, full of disturbances and amazing events, unexpected upheavals, amazing luck and bad luck. They can be happier when they are poor than when they are rich.


In the emotional plan, Aquarius is revealed difficultly, his sensitivity merges with his own imagination. They like to dream about the unusual, especially in their youth, surround the object of love with a mystical halo, rarely corresponding to reality, in other words, they often idealize the chosen one, then they are disappointed and refuse love in the name of friendship.
Some dwell on "relative" happiness, in which former sentimental traits play a subordinate role. Others hide internal vulnerability under a layer of ice mixed with brilliant hardness, some may even become cynical, detached, intentionally unpleasant, even disgusting, but this rarely happens.
The thirst for prestige is a trap for Aquarius. The idea that life, especially love, can easily hurt them, is an illusion. Passion can pass through them, but will not destroy the heart. It can stimulate, but rarely leads where they do not want to go.
They invariably return to the purity of their source - friendship and chosen affections. They rarely bother with hatred, even more than Gemini and Libra, they want to be free. Relationships are unbearable for them when they are a bird in a cage.
Aquarians rarely wear wedding rings. If they are enslaved by a relationship, they only think of emancipation, which they prepare in silence. Aquarius has the highest percentage of divorces. They are more willing to give themselves to the company than to one person. They can give more to strangers than to members of their family.
Lesson for Aquarius: Do not sacrifice love for friendship.
For marriage, friendship and cooperation, Aquarius needs to look for Libra, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini. Avoid Taurus and Scorpio.

How to achieve excellence

He is more interested in the true values ​​of life, rather than his own successes. Strives to serve the truth and progress. Dear and deep people who love solitude, are objective, able to maintain their individuality, in spite of any influences. They are very picky in choosing close people, however they make casual acquaintances. Prone to utopian ideas and projects. Stubborn, they try to be convinced of everything on their own experience, rarely listen to advice, reluctantly give them themselves. Aquarians are individualists, they are indifferent to public opinion, they know what they want and how to achieve it. They are often envied or not understood, since Aquarius has superiority over others and greatly affects the crowd. Aquarius is often the victim of his own delusions and is "floating in the clouds." But he feels his strength. There is not a drop of anger and baseness in him. He seeks peace and finds a diplomatic outlet.

Long-liver in the zodiac system. Aquarius wisely, philosophically perceives all the ups and downs. Classical Aquarius is slender, well-built, with charming eyes, fair-haired and gray-eyed. He loves hunting and sports, respects the regime. Smoking is bad for him.

Cleverness, cheerful, lively character, talkativeness, sociability. You are a kind of family "translator", an interpreter. You are good at writing letters (when you have to do this), but generally prefer telephones, do not like to give in to emotions.

Prefer coldness. You are fascinated by plans. A couple of them always ripen in your head. Feature - logical, reasonable arguments, explanations. That is why air signs are associated with thinking, imagination. You live in a world of ideas, thoughts. You like to operate with logical arguments, you have clear, clear thinking. In accordance with your element, you should choose friends and lovers from the air and fire. Air is compatible with water, if not afraid of the wind, and with the earth, if it is not against the wind.

Your advantages: common sense, objectivity, a sense of collectivism, adaptability, willingness to help: a good conversationalist, impartiality, judgment, love of freedom.

Your cons: stubbornness, self-confidence, duplicity, superficiality, talkativeness and gossip. Coldness and calculation, self-will, licentiousness. If you are Libra, you are pronounced air: cold, calm, focused, your main strength is persuasion.

If you are Aquarius - then you are still air, you are under pressure. You are distinguished by a boil of thought, mastering plans. You die of a desire to give free rein to an unsuspecting world. If you are Gemini, then you are changeable air - then warm, then cold, and sometimes both at once. On your way, you act with intelligence and charm, and in the same way, if necessary, evade.

Home conditions: air must live in open windy places where there is a lot of fresh air, in extreme cases, air conditioning. When working indoors, choose a table by the window. If possible, be on the street.

Your invisible spirit that protects you and protects you is a bellows that prefers places where there is a lot of air - gardens, fields.

Among them, the largest number of geniuses. Successfully master any profession. Inventive, have good taste, many - artistic abilities. They have something magnetic, attractive. Aquarius is a sign of achievement. He should avoid routine, monotonous work. He is happy in public work, in politics, science, sometimes a little slow. Aquarius should take advantage of the opportunities and opportunities provided to them, and do not put off anything in the long haul.

He loves housing made of glass and concrete, of good taste and very modern, with a large area and various workshops.

A sign of friendship, clubs and human communication in the broad sense of the word. Aquarius is always among people, is engaged in social work, interests and hobbies are diverse: photography, painting, modeling. He loves to do everything with his own hands, loves to travel and read books on history, geography, economics and social sciences.

Sign of Air. Under the auspices of Saturn and Uranus. The character is emotional, nature is impressionable.
The first of the planets patronizing AQUARIUS, SATURN - dooms AQUARIUS to submission to fate, which is not always happy. This is a planet of sad memories, melancholy, unfulfilled hopes.
URANIUM, on the contrary, is a planet of action, the inspirer of scientists. Therefore, the character of AQUARIUS is contradictory: on the one hand - dreaminess, on the other - energy, daring, activity.

Those born under the sign of AQUARIUS are very attractive to other people for their humanity. They accept the grief of others and do everything to help those in need.

In each AQUARIAN MAN there is something from an inventor, a person absorbed in the idea of ​​improvement. However, this is a dreamer, a science fiction writer.
Every AQUARIUS is alien to pedantry. He hates routine. He has periods of laziness and inaction. But during the reign of URANIA, he manages to complete the work of a whole month a week. He is unstable, sometimes experiencing periods of acute self-doubt, but they can quickly be replaced by calm and enthusiasm. AQUARIUS is restrained and modest, rarely burdens others with requests.
He is an excellent scientist, especially in the field of atomic physics and astronomy. He is also a brilliant architect, writer, actor.
His life may be miserable, but never gray and monotonous. He will have everything - wealth and poverty, brilliant success and disasters, interesting meetings and disappointments. Sometimes it will seem to him that he died, but fate will send him salvation.

Sign relationship: the alliance with GEMINI, LIBRA, SAGITTARIUS is very favorable, with SCORPIO, Taurus, and LION, quarrels are inevitable. With AQUARIUS, it can conclude an alliance with the Aries sign. From this marriage magnificent children are born. With the sign of GEMINI, a harmonious union arises. With the sign CANCER - true friendship, marriage based on mutual respect Despite the attraction that exists between the signs of AQUARIUS and LION, they look at the world differently. Because of this, a lasting alliance cannot arise between them. Between VIRGO and AQUARIUS a strong physical attraction, but quarrels are inevitable. AQUARIUS attracts LIBRA. The union between them is very happy.

How to choose a life partner

AQUARIUS is usually an idealist and more interested in high matters than in novels. In love, faithful and constant, as a rule, monogamous. It’s nice to be with him. Friends has a different level and position in society. He selects satellites carefully, requests are high. He loves strong-minded people. Aquarius is usually multilaterally developed, leads an interesting and multifaceted life. For him, love is never the only outlet. Easily compromises without jealousy. He needs life companions with similar interests, able to value and trust. First you need to become a friend and like-minded Aquarius. There is another necessary condition - to be independent and stand out from the total mass of individual characteristics. Aquarians are freedom-loving and not jealous of trifles. It gets along well with Pisces, Aries. Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn. He does not like Taurus for lack of imagination, Scorpio for jealousy. Leo - for too big demands in love.

For a temperamental woman, this is most likely "not a gift." His sexual sphere is small and is located somewhere in the back of his soul. Erotic claims are minimal and he completely dispenses with rare connections in which he is attracted not so much by physical pleasure as the very fact of owning a beautiful woman. Her temperament and experience are completely indifferent to him. In many ways, his sexual behavior is determined by talking with friends, books. In time of intimacy, he calmly and willingly obeys a woman, because he is simply not ready for another role. In marriage, he does not allow adultery, because his head is crammed with work and family affairs. Despite this, you cannot call him a happy wife, since he gives her very little sensual pleasure. However, he is quite suitable for women with a sluggish temperament, because in the rest of his life he is an interesting and gifted man, a faithful comrade and assistant.

  • Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius,
  • Aries, Cancer, Virgo,
  • Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Capricorn.

Birthday horoscope

You were born on Monday.
Monday is the day of the moon, and it is decorated with the favorable and unfavorable properties of the night luminary, famous for its inconstancy. In addition, depending on the lunar phase, Monday can be very difficult and simply difficult.
The moon shows our emotional side of life, the one that does not lend itself to analysis and control on the part of our consciousness. But the emotional attitude greatly affects the adequacy of perception of the external environment.
Moon and Monday patronize women. The girls born on this day become wonderful mothers, guardians of the hearth and traditions of the house. However, often born on this day people are capricious and jaunty, changeable in mood, unstable. A person under the strong influence of the moon has a deep intuition, and his place is where such a property is necessary.

Astrologers believe that the man who was born on this day of the week:

Sensitive, imaginative, always looking for contacts with people, especially ladies. He needs love, understanding, tenderness. Loneliness is not for him. Outwardly calm, but deep down worries: will he find the goddess of his dreams with whom he can share love and tenderness.

Horoscope Compatibility

Relations between Aries and Aquarius

For Aries and Aquarius this is a common feature. They are endlessly attracted to the new, until it has become familiar. They abandoned their novelty to embark on another adventure. They throw, without looking back and without sighing, if both are typical representatives of their solar signs. For Aries Today always more interesting than yesterday . For Aquarius tomorrow dwarfs and yesterday and Today .

From time to time their earthly paths intersect, and these are always interesting meetings, predetermined from above long before birth.

Aries are people of action, they rush into the thick of things. Enthusiasm is not alien to Aquarius, but they do not follow events. Being interested in everything that is happening around, they prefer to watch what is happening from a safe distance. So they maintain impartiality and freedom of action.

The union of Aries and Aquarius - friendly, family, business and love - is always marked with the seal of karmic duty. It brings either great blessing or great sadness and can drastically change the lives of both.

Aquarius is sincerely grateful to his friend Aries, who shared the burden of worries or illness with him, but wonders: “And why does he need other people's problems?” And Aries simply returns its debt to Providence, who cares about him. Moreover, communication with Aquarius expands his intellectual horizons, opens unexpected goals, awakens dreams that could go unnoticed. Or, on the contrary, buddy Aquarius arranges Aries affairs, lends money without any apparent benefit - he also returns his karmic debt.

They are friends seriously. And they are seriously feuding. But if they manage to rise to forgiveness, then they will begin the endless sequence of friendships in the following incarnations.

Aquarius is one of four human signs of the astrological circle (the rest are Gemini, Virgo and Libra), who control their passions better than Aries, for which love and hate are often instinct densely seasoned with egoism. Guided by Uranus, Aquarius inclines from instinct to a higher mind and pure intuition, this gives him supernatural abilities, for example, the ability to telepathy.

Sometimes it seems that Aries owns this gift, but this is an illusion. It is simply the influence of the all-pervading Mars that plunges him into the very heart of the problem. Aries drives an irresistible desire to understand the essence of things. The mysterious enlightenment of Aquarius is of a different nature. He picks up what brings electromagnetic radiation from space, without spending a tenth of the energy that Aries spends on it.

Nothing prevents Aries and Aquarius from understanding each other. Even if they disagree, the natural sympathy between Fire and Air helps smooth out disharmony.

Aries are often reproached with their naivety. Aquarius is considered crazy. The world does not understand them, although they are sure that they are on the right track. Is this not a reason to unite and resist the routine? The reckless decisiveness of Aries and the eccentric wisdom of Aquarius are transformed, uniting, into a magical rafting. The castles they erected, to the astonishment of sober-minded people, are stronger than stone buildings.

The tolerance inspired by Uranus makes Aquarius indulgent to children's whims and explosions of the peculiar fantasy of Aries. And warlike Mars helps Aries cope with the obstinacy of Aquarius. In general, this is a crazy and fabulous union.

What Aquarians cannot explain to Aries is their deep conviction that one cannot think only about oneself. Self-denial gives Aries no more pleasure than wandering in pitch darkness. Aquarians are doomed to bring ideas to the world that will remain incomprehensible and unclaimed for the time being.

“All human problems stem from a reappraisal of feelings and one's own significance!” Exclaims Aquarius.

“People who depreciate or suppress their feelings are cold and heartless,” Aries retorts.

Partner Compatibility

These two will get along well if she learns a simple truth: the Aquarius man laughs when he is sad, and cries when he is happy. Having understood the rules of his game, she will not allow herself to perform other tricks. And those that he throws, hiding his love, and those that mask the depth of his feelings. Even in love with his ears, he is trying to impress both himself and her that it’s not too late to return to friendship. These relationships are more exciting than a card game. Aries girl loves games, but only those where she always wins .

Aquarius is not satisfied. He does not agree to lose, and even her tears full of anger will not soften him.

Most likely, he will say to his independent and assertive girlfriend: “Where does this sensitivity come from?” Didn’t you demand equal rights to demonstrate the women's league last week? So play on equal terms! Move the furniture itself, fix the water supply, change the tires. Fight, finally! ”

He is not right. She was lured to the demonstration not by caring for equal rights, but by an exciting noise and a cheerful crowd. Prove your equality with a man? What nonsense! She is free from birth and knows that her role in this world is more significant than the male one. Therefore, she simply laughed in his eyes: “To fight? Yes, if women ruled everything, there would be no more wars. ”

Sooner or later, she will begin to complain that he is indifferent, alienated, cruel - in a word, a sadist. (Aries do not distinguish between semitones.) This is not to say that this is slander. The breadth of the views of Aquarius puts him above the petty interests of individual individuals, he cares about the prosperity of all mankind. Absorbed in thoughts about the health of the nation, he may forget that he promised to run to the pharmacy and buy medicine for a loved one. He spent hours talking about gerontology and aging issues, but he won’t be able to take his grandmother across the road. Uranus directs his thoughts and actions to the fight against the Universal Evil in the name of Bright Tomorrow, but makes blind people close to today's troubles.

The Aquarius man is most often kind. And his goals are noble. But how often the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Think of Robespierre, in whose horoscope was the Ascendant of Aquarius. He desired the good of France, but forgot that it was inhabited by living people.

Aquarius is trying to sympathize with friends, but his compassion is not too deep. He believes that suffering exalts the soul, and does not like to interfere with fate. This man can be kind and gentle, loving and cheerful. when it suits him. But he remains cold and heartless in the eyes of the sensitive Aries girl. This contradiction can be smoothed out, but not eradicated.

He has many friends, and, of course, not everyone likes her. And the more time he gives to friends, the more likely she is to become jealous. How to be here? Understand that he will not replace the whole world with it alone. It remains to reconcile.

What other flaws are attributed to him? He is unpredictable, eccentric, often strange. Well, this is a challenge to her Martian readiness to fight.

Aries girl is waiting for a lot of surprises when it comes to physical rapprochement. Decisive and somewhat straightforward, she rushes forward in full sail. But where is her Aquarius? A minute ago he was there. Ah, there he is! Have to go back and pick it up. He, as always, is deep in thought. It analyzes the sensations that the first kiss brought. Above Aquarius dominates the habit of carefully studying the first life experience. However, it is possible that physical closeness will help these two to better understand each other. Perhaps her sincerity and ardor will awaken in him an unusual tenderness. But she will have to forget the image of the ideal lover, which was portrayed in her dreams, and move on unbeaten paths.

A lot of problems will be brought to them by the fact that she is the Cardinal leader and therefore likes to lead, and he refuses to obey. In addition, both are ruled by powerful, unpredictable male planets. Mars and Uranus - this is not pharmacy medicine, but an explosive mixture.

An old fairy tale comes to mind (I confess, I redid it in my own way). The elf is in love and promises to fulfill three wishes, but only three! What will Aquarius do? True to himself, this folly will require something like a blueberry pudding. His girlfriend, Aries, angered by such frivolity, behaves no smarter: “Let this stupid pudding seize your physiognomy!” And what in the end? The third and last desire has to be sacrificed in order to tear off this pudding.

It’s sad when people don’t know how to manage their desires. But what is it? The invisible flutes began to sing, the distant drums scored - the quarrels are forgotten, and again everything will go smoothly.

Japanese horoscope

He has a bright personality, talented and ambitious. Virtuous, restrained, distinguished by impeccable taste. Causes general admiration and trust. The material condition is developing successfully. These people like to gossip sometimes, but at the same time they are tactful and not evil. Tender to those whom they love, but rarely attached to their immediate family. Almost never lose their temper, they have excellent business qualities. Conscientious and obligatory, although sometimes they are pedantic, sometimes they show a tendency to melancholy. Great players could come out of them, but they rarely play, being conservative, prudent people.

  • perfect as friends or mates: SHEEP, BOAR, DOG.
  • fit more or less: RAT, BUNNY, DRAGON.
  • absolutely not suitable, absolutely contraindicated and can even bring misfortune: COCK.

Chinese horoscope

CAT always falls on its paws. This is lucky. He is gifted, moderately ambitious, a pleasant companion, modest, restrained, refined, virtuous. Everyone knows that. He speaks well and knows how to evaluate himself. But in many advantages there is one drawback, albeit small, but no less important because of this: CTO is a superficial person and his best qualities are also superficial. He loves society and society loves him. She loves social gatherings and sometimes gossips, but she does it subtly, tactfully and carefully.

He likes to receive guests, and at home everything is done with a refined taste. This is a secular man: some would call him a snob. He is pedantic.

A CAT woman exposes her culture with relishing. She can deeply study some subjects for the sole purpose of shining, while she has no idea of ​​other more important things.

CAT usually does not go out of balance. He is calm, calm. It has more sentimentality than real sensitivity. A little personal nuisance upsets him more than the great misfortunes of other people. War and famine in the world touch him only when he personally suffers from it, but he suffers so much that he can not stand it and die. CAT for a minor reason can cry, but quickly consoled. The melancholy of women of this sign is one of the trump cards of their charm.

CAT conservative. He hates everything that can shake his life, everything that can cause complications. Most of all, he seeks comfort and safety. He does nothing without weighing all the pros and cons in advance. For this caution people admire and trust him.

In a financial position, he will always be happy. The agility in business and the one who signs the contract with him will never fail. This is a good speculator, he has a gift for profitable deals. In short, a calm CAT is dangerous as a business person. He will succeed in trading. Possessing good taste, may be the owner of an antique store. May be a lawyer (lawyer, notary) or a diplomat, provided that his life is not at risk.

A woman of this sign will be able to shine in all types of activities that require taste, hospitality and good representation. A politician should choose a wife born under the sign of KOTA - at the same time secular and modest, who will bring a lot by her presence.

Affectionate, helpful with those he loves, CAT is easily separated from his loved ones in favor of friends. He does not have a sense of responsibility to his family, and often he treats his family and children as strangers, preferring friends of his own choosing. The maternal instinct of this sign is very limited, but mothers always fulfill their duty.

The CAT takes good care of the GOAT, in which he appreciates the artistic taste. He will bring her own comfort and her whims will not touch him. Everything will go well with the DOG and the meticulous PIG. But the COCK drives him crazy with his fanfare, and he should avoid the RAT like a plague.

With TIGER, his relationship in love and deeds will be strained. A CAT, less strong, can always make a pirouette and exit the game - they have a common breed and is not afraid of the TIGER.

KOTA will have a hectic existence during the three phases of life under one condition: if he does not meet exceptional situations, dramatic events, insurmountable obstacles. War, revolution, disaster - this is not his business, he does not like to be an adversary. But if he does not resist, he may go crazy, commit suicide or leave his homeland, being weak.

Asian peoples are disbelieving in KOTU. They say that sorcerers turn into cats. In Europe, they were burned alive, accusing them of conspiring with the devil. But, apparently, such a bad reputation is not very deserved. The Egyptians, for example, revered CAT as a god. God, a sorcerer or a man, there is something mystical in his eyes. His apparent weakness can develop into a dangerous force!

Druid horoscope

February 19 - February 28/29, August 24 - September 02

Refined silhouette, beautiful, decorative. Able to emphasize their merits. Loves the house, valuable items, beautiful interior. Often that sweet home, without which she could not develop, creates for herself. They say that she knows what she wants, but does not allow herself to be carried by the will of the waves, that it is not enough for her that life gives itself. There is nothing submissive in her; she is able to plan and subordinate conditions to her needs.

Brave, resistance meets with a raised head and does not allow bad luck to defeat itself. Thanks to courage and the ability to take risks, it always comes first. In work, she is able to be successful, regardless of the type of activity that she chooses.

PINE is distinguished by the persistence with which it follows the chosen path and from which it is difficult to knock it down. Able to get out of the most difficult situation. Very fast and accurate in action.

Despite the friendliness in handling and the ability to be a nice friend, there is no excessive complexity and generosity in it. Own well-being and amenities - above all. The failures of others do not drive away sleep from her eyelids, although it does happen, she mentions them with sympathy in companionship. Only in one shows weakness - in love. Sensual and impulsive - easily carried away, and then it is too late.

With all this, it has a soulful mind and orderly thinking, it can be a good organizer. Able to make the necessary efforts to achieve their goals and, as a rule, achieves them. He knows how to come out of any, even love, troubles with honor. The PINE sign is extremely favorable for women.

Features born under the sign of PINE: aesthetic mind, organizational abilities, a tendency to analysis.

Flower horoscope

BEAUTY February 11 - February 19

A woman is a modest beauty. Do not try to “split” it the first time. She has enough strength and energy to give a proper rebuff. Maybe she’s lucky with her after the second attempt. Although the man is not handsome, he works like a beast, without getting tired. Therefore, it will receive accordingly.

Why did a cat come to our house?

It only seems to us that the decision to get a cat comes from us people — in fact, cats, for certain signs, choose us themselves. The following is information that in some ways may seem controversial, somewhat funny, somewhat gloomy and repulsive, but nonetheless quite interesting.

So why did the cat come to us?

Astrology will determine these “goals and objectives”: depending on the month in which the cat appeared in the house, one can say about the purpose of its appearance.

In the month of Aries (March 21 - April 20), a cat appears when some of the family members needed energy support.
In addition, the cat that came at this time will make you open to the outside world: it seems that the energy reserves in the house have been depleted and the wind of changes is passing you by.True, the "Aries" kitty will bring a lot of concern: it is able to run away in the middle of the night, scratch at the door at any time of the day, and demand attention. In search of your favorite pet, you will run through the streets or climb trees to remove an unfortunate animal from a branch. But this is for your own good: your house and you are too closed. Typically, feline families in such "locked" homes do not settle and kittens do not start. By the way, about cat families: the right cat, who has not lost her scent and professional skills, will breed kittens only if there is a mage man nearby - even a weak one, even if he does not suspect his magical potential.

In the month of Taurus (April 21 - May 20) the cat will bring protection from energy losses, from thieves, from the loss of material values, from negative emotions.
If a cat appeared at this time, it means that someone wants to rob you or cause damage to your property. All this applies not only to apartments and houses, but to offices. By the way, the “Taurus” cat is able to charge your wallet, passbook or credit card. Stroke the pussy with these symbols of material success, let it rub against the back of them, look, and the negative will be removed.

In the month of Gemini (May 21 - June 20), relieve the owners of bad relationships and unnecessary people in the house.
In addition, she is perfectly able to relieve headaches and is able to improve the owners' memory: this is what the four-legged healer does, purring under your ear.
Pupils "twin" cat will help prepare for tests and exams. If the learning process is not going well, pay more attention to your pussy: play with it, drive a ball or a plastic mouse. And when the animal gets tired of chasing a bow on a rope and curls up in a ball, put notebooks, textbooks and an account under it to clean it. And most importantly, do not forget to stroke the purse in the coat, a positive charge, taken through the hands, will have a positive effect on intellectual abilities.

In the month of Cancer (June 21 - July 22), just like in the month of Taurus, the cat will help to deal with the negativity associated with property.
If an animal gifted you with its society at this particular time, it means that many things have accumulated in the house that have been saturated with negative or stagnant energy. Feel free to throw everything from the cabinets directly onto the floor - let the cat lie on the stale things. And at the same time, you yourself will figure out what is worth leaving, and what makes sense to get rid of.
Sometimes a cat appears at this time, if one of the older relatives is in poor condition and is ready to leave this world. If the cat has enough strength, it will certainly save your loved ones from the crisis. And also, keep in mind that this cat is very sensitive to the quality of food: you can safely use it as an expert.

In the month of Leo (July 22 - August 22) cats are to save the owners from unnecessary waste and from the invasion of dark forces.
In especially dangerous cases, not one, but several cats can settle in the house to protect you and your children from destructive emotions and destructive addictions.

In the month of Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Cats come to the homes of seriously ill patients, as well as where major repairs are required.
They are the best fighters with the dominance of any evil spirits - both ordinary and astral: with mice, cockroaches, all kinds of drums. Such cats do not stay in the house for a long time: they are “crisis workers”. They appear, do their job and go home.

In the month of Libra (September 23 - October 22) a cat will appear to keep you home and family from collapse.
It will help to cope with the negativity and with the incriminations of personal life, property - especially if someone is going to sue him from you.
If the cat settled in with you at this time, it is better to insure the house against any possible damages just in case. And the animal that came to you at this time indicates a possible change of housing, forced sale, exchange.

In the month of Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) the cat comes to purposefully fight black magic, which is now especially strong.
The appearance of the four-legged magician directly indicates a strong dark effect, most often aimed at one of the spouses (all kinds of love spells).

In the month of Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) the cat rarely comes into the house, but if this happens, consider it a serious warning: negative energy from the authorities or any pseudo-religious sects is directed to your house.

In the month of Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) the cat will notice that you are too closed, and it’s time to let someone else into the house.
If at this time a single woman becomes the owner of a cat, you should know that in the near future she will not be able to get married or make friends.
Do not take a cat - it is better to try to leave loneliness as soon as possible, to transform yourself and your home. You can even let the tenants in, if only the apartment has not completely turned into a lonely den. Sometimes in the month of Capricorn, a cat comes before the death of an older female relative.

In the month of Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) the cat brings the wind of freedom and change into your life.
She is literally ready to drive you out of the house, if you don’t stop being confused, do not expand your circle of contacts, do not decide, finally, to have a baby - or at least have any pets: dogs, birds, turtles.
This month, the cat is ready to breed feline kindergarten in your home just to fill the space with fresh energy.
By all means, she shows that your house lacks warmth, love and friendships.

In the month of Pisces (February 19 - March 20) a cat will beat to your hearth if it emits a pungent smell of loneliness, if a magic sign of widowhood or “crown of celibacy” stands on your house, as a matter of fact. This month, cats also come to the houses of magicians and sorcerers, helping them to perform magical work.

based on the book of A. Medvedev, I. B. Medvedeva "Cat Healer"